Translation of technical documents, contracts, articles, proposals, etc. into English.

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  An established reputation of experience and talented professionals in
    technical and expert translation services
Rather than “translating” mechanically, we accurately “communicate” the intent of the author in the target language. This is what differentiates A&People translation services. We have created a network of translators who are also experts in a wide variety of professional and technical fields. This network has earned A&People an envied reputation for strong technical translations, as well as high-quality translations in specialized professional fields. From general business communications to specialty documents, you can approach A&People with any translation project—no matter how daunting it may seem.
 Specialized Fields
 Business Document Translation Business Letters
Proposals/Business Plans
Marketing Documents
Corporate Guides
Seminar Materials
Sales Manuals
Annual Reports
Market Background Reports
Consumer Survey Reports
Newsletters/Columns/Articles  Other
 Finance/Investment Document IR Information/Financial Reports
Economic Reports
Investment Reports
Statistical Documents

 Technical Translation User Manuals/Catalogs
Blueprints/Assembly Diagrams

Manuals  Other
 Advertising Pieces/
  Promotional Pieces
Press Releases
Magazine/Newspaper Advertisements
 Medical Documents Medical Device Instruction Manuals/Catalogs
Academic Documents/Dissertations
Pharmaceutical Documents/Articles
Clinical Data/Medical Treatment Data   Other
 Legal Documents Contracts
Official Certificates
 Academic Documents Research Dissertations
Research/Experiment Data, Reports Materials
* We also handle many other types of documents. Please contact us with any questions.
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