Translation of technical documents, contracts, articles, proposals, etc. into English.

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From Translation to production and to printing, we offer time and labor
   efficient one-stop service.
If you plan to have your document processed, formatted or printed after translation, you’ll be happy having A&People handle your creative work.
Through our extensive network of designers, copywriters, DTP operators, printers, and others, we can handle your job from start to finish, translation through final printing, all conveniently coordinated through a single contact point. We can digitize your documents, and even produce transcripts from audio or video sources.
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*We can handle your printing needs in Japan, or overseas in China, Korea, the United States or other locations.
Contact us Any Time—Even without a
Ready Document
We can also help you create legal documents (contracts, etc.) conforming to overseas laws, operating manuals drafted by professional technical writers, user manuals and other document design and production.

Document Digitization
● Audio/Video Transcription
● DTP, document digitization (MS Word, HTML, other formats)

● Operating instructions 
● Business cards
● Leaflets
● Direct mail 
● Manuals 
● Catalogs
● Pamphlets
● Posters
● Corporate brochures
● Sales guide
● Newspaper and
   magazine advertising 

   Project Flow
Contact us through our online Web form (Japanese Only), or by telephone. One of our translation coordinators will be happy to discuss your project and answer your questions.
After learning more about your project, we will create an estimate, propose a schedule, and complete your project planning.
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Audio Transcription
If required, we can create an original document for translation. We can design and produce documents or printed materials, if with no original manuscript.
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Translation work
Let us translate your project.
View the A&People translation process:
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Editing and DTP
Our design and editing will match your goals.
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Produce printed materials tailored to your objectives.
We will deliver your project to any location, in a convenient format.
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