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  On this page you’ll find just a small sample of recently completed projects. In addition to these we’ve completed many other projects. Please contact us for more details.
IT-related translations and localization  
 ●Document concerning security problems against growing spyware
   (Japanese to English/English to Japanese translation)
 ●Association annual reports (each year), white papers, marketing-related materials,     catalogs, press releases, manuals, etc.
   (Japanese to English/ English to Japanese translation)
 ●CAD software catalog for general distribution
   (English to Japanese translation and printing)
 ●Content, results and evaluation of BS and CS digital broadcasting tests
    (Japanese to English translation)
 ●Localization of online education and narration dubbing recording
   (English to Japanese translation)
 ●Localization of online help for company software
    (Japanese to English translation)
 ●UI-related translation
    (English to Chinese/English to Korean translation)
 ●Translation of user evaluations of company’s in-house system development
   (English to Japanese/Japanese to English translation)
 ●Engineer qualification examination problems concerning application development
  and system construction 
Business document translations and interpretation
 ●Interpretation for meeting between a corporate Chairman and the Prime Minister of     Vietnam (Japanese-Vietnamese interpretation)
 ●Letter from a former Prime Minister of Japan to a former Prime Minister of India
   (Japanese to Indian English translation)
 ●Translation of overseas patent examination documents for foreign patent application
     for in-house product
   (Japanese to English translation)
 ●Domestic automobile manufacturer’s new model development story VTR  
   (Video transcription and Japanese to English translation)
 ●Domestic automobile manufacturer’s official 2005 F1 Grand Prix website.
    Post-race reports and other content.
   (Japanese to English translation)
 ●2005 and 2006 Paris-Dakar Rally Translation of domestic automobile manufacturer’s
    Chinese-language website (Japanese to Chinese translation)
 ●Summary of beverage-related materials for academic conference
    (Japanese to English translation)
 ●Local hot springs and skiing tour guide including preparation of maps
    (Japanese to Chinese translation and printing)
 ●Institute for Digitization of the Palace Museum Heritage pamphlet
   (Chinese to Japanese/Japanese to Chinese translation)
 ●What’s Hottest in France Now! Various industry press releases
    (French to Japanese translations)
Law-related document translations
 ●Service Consignment Agreement (Japanese to English translation)
 ●Agreement Concerning the Conclusion of a Joint Management Project Between Firms
    (Japanese to English translation)
 ●Documentation and memorandum concerning a request for examination and
    statement of opposition for a foreign patent application for sound equipment
    (English to Japanese translation)
Medicine and healthcare-related translations
 ●Operating manual for metal mold equipment (Japanese to English translation)
 ●Operating manual for a device concerning serum for ion electrodes
    (Japanese to English translation)
 ●General information manual for diagnosis and treatment applications developed
    by an IT firm (English to Japanese translation)
Science-related document translations
 ●Translation of 19th and 20th century papers concerning beer brewing by beverage
    manufacturers (German to Japanese translation)
 ●Academic journal for a certain clinical conference (Japanese to English translation)

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